Measures in Guangdong Province to Accelerate the Integrated Development of Domestic and Foreign Trade

Source: People’s Government of Guangdong Province

Recently, the General Office of the People’s Government of Guangdong Province issued the "Several Measures to Accelerate the Integrated Development of Domestic and Foreign Trade." The measures call for supporting Guangzhou and Shenzhen to accelerate the construction of international consumption center cities, and promoting the development of regional consumption center cities. They also require deepening the construction of the national import trade promotion and innovation demonstration zones in Nansha (Guangzhou), Huangpu (Guangzhou), and Qianhai (Shenzhen), to fully leverage their role in promoting imports and enhancing consumption. Additionally, the plans aim to expand the scope of "Greater Bay Area Standards" and "Greater Bay Area Certification" projects, to facilitate the alignment of standards and certification rules in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Other key initiatives include implementing the "Guangdong Exports Nationwide" program, regularly holding "Guangdong Consumption, Guangdong Brilliance" consumption promotion activities, and optimizing the "Guangdong Exports Globally" special program to support enterprises in going global.

I. Promote the Alignment of Domestic and Foreign Trade Rules and Mechanisms

To align domestic and foreign trade standards and certification, the measures call for: promoting the adoption of international and advanced foreign standards to enhance consistency with global norms, supporting enterprises and institutions to participate in developing international and national standards, expanding the "Greater Bay Area Standards" and "Greater Bay Area Certification" projects to facilitate standard and certification alignment in the region, and enabling professional institutions to broaden their domestic and foreign trade testing and certification services. The aim is to achieve greater harmonization of standards and certification between China's domestic and foreign trade systems.

The measures also focus on promoting the alignment of domestic and foreign trade supervision. This includes implementing national efforts to build a unified domestic market, facilitating the smooth flow of resources and elements in domestic and foreign trade, and ensuring fair competition and equal policy application for domestic and foreign-invested enterprises.

Furthermore, the plan calls for advancing the "Same Line, Same Standard, Same Quality" initiative. This involves encouraging enterprises to self-declare or certify their products meet these requirements, supporting professional institutions to provide related testing and certification services, and promoting the broader recognition of such certifications.

II. Unblock the Channels for the Two-way Circulation of Domestic and Foreign Trade

To support the expansion of foreign trade products into the domestic market, the measures call for initiatives like the "Guangdong Exports Nationwide" program to connect domestic and foreign trade enterprises, holding major trade shows to boost cross-border transactions, and regularly organizing consumption promotion events. The aim is to help foreign trade enterprises open up domestic sales channels.

The plan also seeks to support domestic trade enterprises in exploring international markets. This includes leveraging major domestic trade shows to facilitate enterprise participation in key overseas exhibitions, as well as optimizing specialized programs to organize overseas exhibitions and help enterprises go global to secure orders and expand markets.

III. Build Platforms for the Integrated Development of Domestic and Foreign Trade

The measures aim to build high-level platforms for the integration of domestic and foreign trade. This involves creating domestic-foreign trade integrated business districts, supporting the development of international consumption center cities, leveraging the Guangdong Free Trade Zone to explore institutional innovations, and cultivating industry clusters that combine advantageous industries, specialized markets, and trade platforms.

IV. Cultivate Entities for the Integrated Development of Domestic and Foreign Trade

To cultivate enterprises with truly integrated domestic and foreign trade operations, the plan focuses on tracking and supporting leading enterprises, helping pilot enterprises enhance their capabilities in areas like R&D, design, and brand marketing, and providing risk management assistance.

The measures also call for accelerating the building of domestic and foreign trade brands. This includes initiatives to cultivate "New Guangdong Brands", promote the innovative development of time-honored brands, and support the cultivation of distinctive regional brands.

V. Improve the Service and Guarantee System for the Integrated Development of Domestic and Foreign Trade

On strengthening financial and fiscal support, the plan emphasizes guiding banks to increase credit for domestic-foreign trade firms, promoting the facilitation of cross-border financing, and coordinating the use of special funds to support domestic-foreign trade integration.

The measures also call for giving full play to the supporting role of credit insurance. This involves strengthening the coordinated use of export and domestic trade credit insurance, encouraging the expansion of domestic trade credit insurance business, and supporting eligible localities to introduce supportive policies.

Furthermore, the plan focuses on promoting the facilitation of logistics services. Key initiatives include supporting shipping capacity expansion, implementing streamlined customs clearance, developing multimodal transport solutions, and boosting rail-water intermodal transport.

VI. Optimize the Environment for the Integrated Development of Domestic and Foreign Trade

To strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, the measures call for increasing the protection of trademarks and patents for domestic and foreign trade enterprises, carrying out specialized crackdowns on infringement, and enhancing intellectual property protection services for key trade events.

The plan also aims to promote the construction of a robust credit system for domestic and foreign trade. This involves deepening the "Credit Guangdong" initiative, improving the application of public credit information, and strengthening the development of a commercial credit system.

Finally, the measures focus on strengthening the talent support for the integration of domestic and foreign trade. Key steps include deepening industry-academia-research cooperation, introducing and cultivating professional and compound talents, and carrying out domestic-foreign trade skills training.

Disclaimer: This document has been translated into English.  If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chinese version, the Chinese version shall prevail. The full text of the measures, in Chinese, can be found below:

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