Chemosensitivity Test Ready for Commercialisation in the GBA

Immense interconnectivity within the GBA creates opportunities for Invitrocue.

Invitrocue helps doctors and researchers assess the best ways for drugs to be developed through its ground-breaking 3D cell-based technologies. Its proprietary technology, Onco-PDO™ Test, performs in vitro drug screenings on Patient-Derived Organoids (PDOs) to provide information that helps physicians to better direct patient therapy and better shape personalised patient treatment.

Invitrocue employs over 10 people at its Hong Kong laboratory and more than 80 others globally. The company’s goal is to impart the medical and healthcare industry with valuable knowledge to create better, faster and more affordable disease treatments.

Hong Kong is an ideal launch pad into the GBA

With its simple and straightforward company incorporation procedures, stable economic environment, highly talented and efficient workforce plus low tax rate and common law system, Hong Kong is an attractive location for Invitrocue to set up a lab facility. The city is also well-known for its high quality medical and healthcare services. But it was its position as a gateway to the Mainland market and a regional hub in the heart of Asia that sealed the deal.

As Emily Cheung, General Manager of Invitrocue (Hong Kong) Ltd., tells it, “The facility in Hong Kong provides Invitrocue with better access to the network of supportive early adopters for our unique Onco-PDO™ technology in the region. This includes oncologists and hospitals based in Hong Kong and opportunities in Mainland China and Macao.”

The massive GBA market is well worth the investment. Invitrocue has begun market research into the region and sought interested partners for joint ventures. The initial plan is to set up a sales and marketing department in Shenzhen and further expand into other cities. Invitrocue believes it can leverage its existing team in Hong Kong to support the setup and operations of other teams in the GBA. 

Convenient interconnectivity is the heart of expansion

Hong Kong’s strength as an international city is the key to Invitrocue’s expansion plans. Located on the same time zone as Beijing and Singapore, with only one-hour difference with Tokyo and Bangkok, regional communication is easy. There is also the convenient and short transport time between Hong Kong and the rest of the GBA. The region’s robust infrastructure forms a “three-hour living circle”, enabling Invitrocue’s personnel to live in Hong Kong and work in the GBA, opening up more opportunities and resources.

Ms Cheung reiterates clearly, “Even if you reside in Hong Kong, it’s possible to work in Shenzhen and travel to Zhuhai or Macao and return to Hong Kong, all in one day.” 

In addition to the region’s developed infrastructure, Invitrocue has also benefited from InvestHK’s free customised services for businesses at any stage. InvestHK’s marketing and PR services aided Invitrocue’s growth and development, including identifying growth opportunities, says Ms Cheung. The company additionally joined a HKTDC tradeshow through the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park. With these generous supports, Invitrocue is well-poised to pursue even more possibilities in Hong Kong and the GBA.


Fast Facts

  • Invitrocue is a world-class life science company specialised in commercialising its proprietary 3D cell culture technology. Headquartered in Singapore, Invitrocue operates in Germany, Spain, Brazil, Australia, Mainland China and Hong Kong
  • Invitrocue’s Hong Kong lab facility at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park offers in vitro personalised clinical oncology tests through its Onco-PDO™ platform. It will also serve as a base for its expansion into the GBA. Invitrocue (Suzhou) provides various life science research and drug discovery services

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