Connecting Insurers and Customers through Technology

Wesurance employs technological solutions with the mission to provide everyone with easy, accessible and affordable insurance

It is never an easy task to find the most appropriate insurance package to fit oneself especially with the large number of insurers with their different package options available. Wesurance was established with the aim to help consumers and insurers connect by drawing upon the company’s experience in the information technology (IT) and application development industries. 

Advanced insurance technology

“It is not our customers’ job to look for insurance,” stated Eddie Chang, Founder & CEO of Wesurance. “We are here to help fulfil their potential needs. Wesurance is an Asia-based FinTech company providing advanced InsurTech solutions to consumers. Our solutions incorporate advanced technologies that will benefit both consumers and insurers, and greatly improve customer experience and satisfaction. We are technology enablers connecting hundreds of insurers across nations to a single business API, and we use multiple channels to connect and bring customers to our GoLion Transformation Ecosystem.” 

Chang feels that Hong Kong is the ideal place for Wesurance thanks to its world-class business environment, excellent financial and operational support, and established technical infrastructure that encourage innovation and businesses on a global scale. With its current staff count of eight in Hong Kong and five in Shenzhen, Wesurance is poised to expand. “We have just started extending our market to other countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand,” elaborated Chang. “We believe it is the right time to do so as our company’s mission is to provide everyone with the opportunity to have an easy and accessible insurance — but, most importantly, providing them with the best price possible.”

Demand for young tech talent

Chang feels that as a world class international metropolitan, Hong Kong is well positioned as the core of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) with many opportunities for young people. “We believe that the increasing demands of insurance from the people in GBA could benefit any FinTech related platforms,” Chang said. “Cultivating talents in the field of science and technology requires the government and community to work together. Then we can create a favourable environment to nurture more promising talent.”

InvestHK’s network helps to increase Wesurance’s exposure to a wider audience including insurance companies, financial institutions and startups, allowing for more business opportunities to be captured. “Hong Kong is a unique place,” he affirmed. “Financial innovation is an area that requires special attention from regulators who must be vigilant. They need to ensure that new products and practices do not blunt the effectiveness of existing regulations or pose unanticipated risks to markets or institutions. The rule of law here should not only protect my business and family, but it should also include regulations supporting the development of the FinTech sector.” 


Fast Facts

  • Founded in 2017 by information technology veteran Eddie Chang, Wesurance is a convenient, easy to use and secure platform for consumers to buy insurance policies digitally
  • Its GoLion Transformation Ecosystem was designed for the insurance industry and partners with JETCO for its APIX to connect merchants and banks

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