Creating Culture in Corporate Space

Nomura leverages its Hong Kong presence to help clients expand into the GBA market by building branded spaces that add value and offer unique experiences.

Nomura Co., Ltd. (Nomura) creates spaces for cultural facilities such as museums, public areas; commercial facilities, corporate showrooms as well as exhibitions and events. In recent years, this has also encompassed performance spaces and digital content production. The firm acts as a one-stop service hub spanning planning and design to construction.

Its Hong Kong branch was incorporated in 1985 and is directly managed by its headquarters in Japan. Nomura (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a fully independent subsidiary with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Shenzhen, established in 2004.

By having a base in Hong Kong, Nomura is able to communicate seamlessly with local customers who are conducting projects in Mainland China and act as a gateway to the GBA market. The convenient infrastructure environment here facilities the communications between Japan and Hong Kong.

Building brand recognition in the GBA

Many of Nomura’s clients recognise the potential of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) and are in the midst of entering or expanding their regional businesses. As a one-stop space creation firm, Nomura with its design team at its headquarters in Japan to offer planning and design services in the region. From there, its Shenzhen office builds on the initial design in accordance with local construction regulations. Even with the current limitations on travel between Hong Kong and Mainland China, local employees in Shenzhen can still provide on-site support and factory sample inspections, giving a vital advantage to Nomura’s operations.

Creating commercial spaces is the company’s speciality and forms the starting point for its business development plan in the GBA. In Hong Kong, Nomura was commissioned by Nissin Foods to handle planning, interior design, construction and digital content production for “The CupNoodles Museum Hong Kong” project in Tsim Sha Tsui. More than just another marketplace, commercial spaces crafted by Nomura act like corporate PR facilities that convey brand messages to and communicate with customers. 

During the pandemic, Nomura has emphasised its ability to create spaces from the ground up and revitalise them, stimulating discussion on what is required in a physical space to attract customers. Its Japanese creative teams and specialists collaborate at the planning stage to form a space from multiple angles, providing an experience and value that can only be enjoyed in that space.

Growing alongside clients through HK

At present, Nomura’s Hong Kong branch employs seven people and Nomura (Beijing) Co., Ltd. has around 100 employees. Similar team structures and resources are in place for its clients to expand from Hong Kong into areas within the GBA such as Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Ultimately, it aims to provide the same range of services for its GBA clients as it offers in Japan.

InvestHK regularly provides valuable information to Nomura about the interior design field in Hong Kong and Japan, and the HKSAR government’s support for SMEs and the latest development projects. The company is very grateful to have been invited to participate in social networking events and knowledge exchanges for the creative industry. With InvestHK expert information and support, Nomura is well placed to bring even more new experiences and add value for corporate and cultural brands throughout Hong Kong and the GBA.


Fast Facts

  • Nomura is a one-stop space creation company that provides services from planning and design to construction for commercial and cultural facilities such as museums, public areas and corporate showrooms
  • Directly managed by the company’s headquarters in Japan, the Hong Kong branch works with the Mainland subsidiary for joint projects from design to construction

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