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For more than 150 years, architecture firm Leigh & Orange has kept pace with Hong Kong’s development while expanding its practice across the globe.

Hong Kong in the 19th century was a sparsely inhabited island. The influx of British and European merchants trading within its safe harbour led quickly to the erection of shelter and buildings designed by talented architects. For nearly 150 years, Leigh & Orange (L&O) has shaped how Hong Kong’s skyline developed as the island grew into Asia’s World City, historically from the Old Dairy Farm Depot, the original Queen’s and Prince’s building, to the recent development of Science Park (Phase II) and Kai Tak Sports Park. 

Crafting Hong Kong’s skyline

“Since 1874, our founders brought their design talent and skills from the UK to bear on the early urban development of Hong Kong, shaping the city through infrastructure, public and civil works,” explained Ivy Lee, L&O’s Managing Director. “We believe in sustaining our role as an architect and urban planner, and in helping to shape the evolution of the city by converging innovative thinking and new technologies, in response to the city’s cultural and societal values. Our Hong Kong headquarters is the standard bearer for all our operations in different parts of the world. Our teams provide cutting edge and value-added architectural design solutions, as demonstrated in our Building Information Modelling and Modular Integrated Construction, which was spearheaded in Hong Kong by L&O.”  

Gateway to Greater Bay Area (GBA) and Belt & Road projects

Lee cites Hong Kong’s vibrant, multicultural population and its blend of heritage buildings and contemporary architecture as major contributors to the city as an excellent base for conducting business. “Since the 1980s, we have actively involved in the design of various developments in Mainland China, including masterplanning projects and Transit-Oriented Developments in several GBA cities,” Lee revealed. “We have amassed a portfolio of successful projects through a collaborative working arrangement with our branch offices across the country. The city has proven to be the perfect springboard geographically and being an instrumental international city in the GBA, its unique role has helped us to extend our services throughout Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Further, we have been highly active in many Belt & Road countries even before the initiative and name took shape. Various projects have been undertaken in Myanmar, Thailand, Macau, the Philippines, and the Middle East.”

Diverse and multicultural talent

With over 200 in its Hong Kong office working as architects, interior designers, and a specialist sustainability team, L&O takes pride in its mix of people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. “Hong Kong’s architects and designers are typically multilingual, strong in communication and interpersonal skills, truly creative, energetic, and open to new ideas with a can-do attitude that makes them positive and effective in meeting development challenges,” Lee affirmed. “They are our single most valuable asset.” 

She also loves Hong Kong as a place to live and work. “Visitors will find a wealth of interest here: food, entertainment, Chinese culture playing off against international, and a wonderful natural landscape into which the urban fabric is more closely woven than many would believe until it is experienced. It is an exciting time to be architects and designers.”


Fast Facts

  • Founded in 1874 in Hong Kong, Leigh & Orange is a full service architecture practice with over 300 employees in Shanghai, Beijing, Fuzhou, Shenzhen, Doha, and its headquarters of Hong Kong
  • It has recently expanded its staff count in anticipation of large scale projects including Kai Tak Sports Park

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