Helping Businesses Cross International Boundaries

Hawksford simplifies the expansion process for international companies that wish to conduct businesses globally.

Fuelled by fast-paced changes in technology and the increased mobility of goods, services and labour, globalisation is a mega trend that is changing the global economy. Companies hoping to grow internationally must overcome hurdles upon crossing borders. Differences in regulations, taxation structure, language, culture, and other factors may be challenging for those wishing to set up a new office on a different continent. Hawksford was established to help businesses expanding across international boundaries by easing the way for global clients.

Strategic and organic expansion

Hawksford is headquartered in the British Isles and established an initial Asian presence with the acquisition of Singapore’s Janus Corporate Solution in 2014. It expanded north into Hong Kong organically. The office assists international clients to meet regulatory compliance, tax, accounting, payroll, human resources, and many other needs that can be outsourced. “We take pride in our years of experience assisting businesses with their set up across Asia and Europe,” said Giacomo Stoppa, Managing Director, Corporates Services North-East Asia at Hawksford. “We strategically opened in Hong Kong, as the city relies on a territorial tax system by which Hong Kong corporations and individuals are only taxed on their Hong Kong income. Foreign-source income is not subject to Hong Kong tax. We see the city as an important hub for our business activities in Asia.” 

In 2018, Hawksford acquired the corporate services provider People & Projects along with its 140 employees in China. Its portfolio of clients includes world renowned luxury and fashion brands. “This increased our Asian presence with a strong and growing foothold in China, and we intend to continue exploring business opportunities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area for our clients,” Stoppa explained. 

Ample supply of talent at every career stage 

Stoppa feels that finding potential employees to meet Hawksford’s criteria is a pleasure in Hong Kong. “The city is one of the best places to recruit talent from the Asia Pacific Region and the rest of the world,” he noted. “The city provides great opportunities for people at any stage of their career. In Hong Kong, we employ professionals both from overseas and local.” 

To supplement its offline services, Hawksford offers online portals for those wishing to explore Asian opportunities. Its websites and provide more than 500 resources, country guides and industry insights for conducting business in Mainland China. Most recently, it set up a WeChat account to facilitate smoother communications with the Mainland Chinese market. 

Hawksford works with InvestHK to get its message out, and Stoppa believes that it is a key partner. “We have a very fruitful relationship with InvestHK,” he stated. “We have collaborated a lot over the years. Together, we helped many foreign businesses enter the Hong Kong market. We appreciate InvestHK’s support, and it is our pleasure to work with such a professional team. The city is really the perfect location for growing a business in Asia.”


Fast Facts

  • Hawksford is an international corporate, private client and funds services provider with 450 staff members globally in Greater China, Singapore, Italy and the UK
  • Its Hong Kong office is Hawksford’s base for the Greater China market, where it currently operates five other offices including its most recent addition in Suzhou
  • In order to make communication simpler for their clients, Hawksford employ professional account managers with different language skills Spanish to English, from German to Italian

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