The Guangdong Immigration Policy Measures on the Pilot Free Trade Zone and Innovation-driven Developments

The Guangdong Public Security Bureau has introduced16 immigration-related measures. The main measures include allowing qualified foreigners (including Hong and Macao residents) to apply for permanent residence in the Mainland. Besides, students from Hong Kong and Macao higher education institutions may reside in Guangdong Province for innovation entrepreneurship. Residents may seek for further information regarding the eligibility, application procedures and required documents from the Guangdong Province Public Security Bureau website.


There are a total of 16 measures on promoting innovation development and immigration policy, 6 of which relate to the Guangdong Free Trade Zone ("FTZ"), and 10 relate to the entire Guangdong Province.

Below are points of the 6 measures in the FTZ, which are mainly directed at high-level investors, foreign Chinese nationals and visiting foreign students.

High-level talents and investors

Qualified foreign high-level talents may apply for permanent residence through the referral of the Guangdong Trade Office

Foreign Chinese nationals

Foreign Chinese nationals with post-doctorate degrees or above may directly apply for permanent residence

Visiting foreign students

Visiting foreign students who are invited by corporations in the FTZ may apply for a short-term visa and complete internships in Guangdong

The 10 measures implemented in the Guangdong Administrative Region include the following:

General employees

Foreigners who have worked in Guangdong for 4 years, residing no less than 6 months per year, who have a stable income and residence and whose salary and tax contribution meets government standards may apply for permanent residence

High-level talents

Qualified foreign high-level talents may apply for a 5-year residence permit

Visiting foreign students

In order to encourage foreign students to start up innovative businesses in the FTZ, foreign students who are interested to start their business in Guangdong may apply for a 2-year residence permit

Domestic workers

Domestic workers working in households of qualified high-level talents are also eligible to apply for residence permits

Visa-free travellers

This measure supports the Guangdong Province's proposal to the State Council to implement the visa-free policy for foreign travellers. Guangdong Province is currently expanding the scope for cross-border visa exemptions, such as extending the visa-free period in the Guangdong Administrative Region from 72 hours to 144 hours.

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