Qianhai pioneers the docking of cross-border trade supervision rules between Shenzhen and Hong Kong

Recently, the "Key Projects for the Development and Opening-up of Qianhai Cooperation Zone in 2023" jointly issued by Shenzhen Customs and Qianhai Administration Bureau focused on policy foundation, practical needs and expected results and further deepening the implementation of the measures supporting Qianhai by the General Administration of Customs.

Qianhai is based on the mission of Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation and constantly promotes institutional and open cross-border trade. In September 2022, the "Measures of the General Administration of Customs to Support the Comprehensive Deepening of Reform and Opening-up of the Qianhai-Shenzhen Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone" focused on the docking of Qianhai-Shenzhen rules, cross-border factor flow, and the construction of the Qianhai-Shenzhen modern service industry comprehensive bonded zone, expanding the industrial chain and application scenarios of Shenzhen-Hong Kong, strengthening the linkage and superposition effect of Qianhai comprehensive bonded zone, free trade pilot zone, and the national strategic platform of Qianhai-Shenzhen cooperation zone, and creating more favourable conditions for the coordinated and cooperative development of Shenzhen-Hong Kong. At present, many measures have been accelerated in implementation.

Join hands with Hong Kong to establish a communication mechanism for joint construction, and promote the convergence of cross-border trade control and mutual recognition of standards between Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Now, Qianhai has recognized and exempted from supervision inspection the imported liquor products that have obtained testing reports designated by the official food safety regulatory department in Hong Kong, which provides great convenience for the exchanges and interactions between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. The pilot measure of "one inspection in two places" for liquor products between Shenzhen and Hong Kong is just one of the achievements that Qianhai has made in actively promoting the docking of rules and standards with relevant parties in Hong Kong.

It is reported that in facilitating the customs clearance of biological materials for scientific research, the customs clearance approval for the import and export health quarantine of biological materials for scientific research that have been granted import permits by the Hong Kong Department of Health is prioritized. At present, relevant service guidelines have been issued and policy implementation is smooth. In addition, in the pilot program of "one declaration, two reports" between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, based on the market-oriented approach to streamline customs clearance processes in both places, Qianhai and Hong Kong Customs are exploring the feasibility of exchanging data on the Guangdong-Hong Kong manifest and "one declaration, two reports" for data exchange and port clearance.

Facilitating the smooth flow of cross-border factors between Shenzhen and Hong Kong and making it easier for Hong Kong people and enterprises to develop in Qianhai.

In order to facilitate the development of Hong Kong people and enterprises in Qianhai, Qianhai continues to deepen regulatory innovation, format innovation, and model innovation, and has achieved remarkable results. In terms of ensuring the special medication needs of cross-border residents in Hong Kong, the customs clearance guidelines for limited entry with relevant certificates have been released and policies are smooth.

Efforts have been made to facilitate the registration of Hong Kong and Macao enterprises in Qianhai and to promote the integration of commercial registration in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Hong Kong and Macao enterprises that have obtained market entity qualifications by registering in Shenzhen are allowed to directly handle customs declaration unit filing business in the free trade zone. In addition, support is given to the "One Exhibition, Three Places" linkage of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao exhibition industry, and a one-stop customs clearance service model is launched to support the development of the exhibition industry in a project-oriented manner and attract international exhibition service agencies to invest in Qianhai.

In terms of institutional innovation, a strategic project supervision mode has been explored to cultivate new advantages in international economic cooperation and competition. By the end of 2022, the "Electronic Components and Integrated Circuit International Trading Centre Co., Ltd." was officially established in Qianhai, marking a new step in exploring innovative market access methods in Qianhai. As a pilot project for access warehousing and distribution enterprises in the Qianhai bonded zone, convenient customs clearance measures have been provided in an orderly manner for the supply chain of high-end manufacturing such as integrated circuits, becoming a vivid example of Qianhai's support for the construction of the electronic components and integrated circuit international trading centre.

In addition, efforts have been made to build a "national import and export quality and safety risk assessment centre," with a focus on conducting risk assessments on imported and exported goods such as electronic products and textiles and exchanging cooperation with Hong Kong and overseas institutions. In support of the construction of an offshore soybean spot market, under the guidance of the General Administration of Customs, convenience has been provided in price determination, inspection and quarantine clearance, pledge financing, and other aspects according to construction needs.

At the same time, efforts have been made to create a duty-free product distribution centre. The Qianhai bonded zone has piloted a linkage model of "bonded + duty-free + cross-border e-commerce + general trade," expanding the supply of goods from Hong Kong to duty-free stores after entering the bonded warehouse in the zone. By 2022, China Duty Free Group's relocation from Qianhai bonded zone to Hainan accounted for one-third of the total offshore duty-free goods in Hainan. In 2023, relying on the Qianhai bonded zone, efforts will be further made to promote the circulation of duty-free product supervision warehouses outside the zone with the bonded goods supervision warehouses inside the zone.

Source: Qianhai Administration Bureau
Release date: April 18, 2023
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