Hetao Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone "e-Station" deepens Shenzhen-Hong Kong services

Source: Shenzhen Evening Post (深圳晚报)

Shenzhen and Hong Kong are connected by a river. In order to promote better exchanges and integration of talents from Shenzhen and Hong Kong, and boost the economic and social prosperity and development of the two places, recently, the Hetao Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone (“Cooperation Zone”) Talent Service Workstation was unveiled in e-Station Comprehensive Service Center in the Cooperation Zone (“e-Station”). The e-Station provides convenient and efficient "one-stop" services in terms of talent services, customs and local government services.

Four innovative government services are launched for Hong Kong people and Hong Kong enterprises

The e-Station is the first centre in Shenzhen that can handle customs and local government service matters in a one-stop manner. It is a platform to pilot the city’s credit approval system reform in government services, which can provide Hong Kong people and Hong Kong enterprises with four innovative government services.
The first is green services in the Bay Area, setting up "Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Service e-Click" service points, opening a "Bay Area Service Channel" social security window, providing high-quality social security "green channel" services for science and technology innovation enterprises in the Cooperation Zone and people from Hong Kong and Macau. It also provides consulting services such as children's education, entrepreneurship, medical and health policies.

The second is the "door-to-door + 5G video guide" service for enterprises. Futian District launched the innovative "door-to-door + 5G video guide" service. The team provides door-to-door government services for Hong Kong people and enterprises, and moves the "service window" to the corporate "doorway", improving the convenience and experience of Hong Kong people and enterprises in the Cooperation Zone.

The third is convenient services for cross-border approval. Futian District has developed the "Channel number one" information system to open up provincial and municipal systems such as public security, customs, and border inspection. It integrates and optimizes the application material and document submission that may need to be repeatedly approved by various departments, shortening the processing time. From the previous "multiple applications" to "one-stop settlement" at the e-Station, the processing time was shortened from originally 4 months to 1 day at the fastest.

The fourth is credit approval service. Futian is the first district to promote the reform of credit approval services in the country. It has opened a special service window for credit approval service in e-Station, and launched a green channel for Hong Kong people and Hong Kong enterprises with good integrity, who can have the special window for credit approval service, to realize the "no appointment, no queue" in the handling process, and take the lead in creating a legalized business environment where "integrity is convenient, and dishonesty is restricted".

The representative of the Government Services and Data Management Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality explained that the Shenzhen Government Service Center and the e-Station have established a cooperation mechanism to focus on deepening Shenzhen-Hong Kong services and vigorously building accurate and proactive government services. At the moment, the e-Station can handle customs and local government service matters in one stop, and provide convenient and efficient one-stop services for local and overseas innovation and technology enterprises, institutions and High-tech talents. It is hoped that Futian District will take this opportunity to fully explore the reform of convenient government services with the characteristics of Futian and Hetao, and share the experience with the whole city and even the whole country.

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