• Zhuhai is located at the south-central part of Guangdong Province and at the confluence of the Pearl River and South China Sea, adjoining Zhongshan on its north and Macao on its south. Since its establishment as a special economic zone in 1980, Zhuhai has achieved constant rapid economic development particularly on industrial production. The six basic industries of Zhuhai are electronic information, home appliances, electricity and energy, biopharmaceuticals and medical devices, petrochemicals and precision machinery; while printing supplies and yacht manufacturing are the other two special industries.
  • Zhuhai has convenient land, sea and air transport. Zhuhai Port is one of the main coastal ports of the country and is one of the five major ports in Guangdong Province.

Major Development Areas

  • National level: Zhuhai Economic and Technological Development Zone, Zhuhai High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Zhuhai Bonded Zone, and Zhuhai-Macao Cross-border Industrial Zone
  • Provincial level: Zhuhai Fushan Industrial Park, and Zhuhai Jinwan Liangang Industrial Park
  • The State Council approved the implementation of the Overall Development Plan for Hengqin on 14 August 2009. According to the Plan, Hengqin Island (an area of 106.5 square kilometres) was incorporated into the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone, and would be built into a demonstration area for exploration of new model of "Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao" cooperation under "one country, two systems". Hengqin focuses on the development of four industries, namely business services, leisure entertainment and tourism, science, education, research and development, as well as high-tech industries.
  • In June 2019, the Zhuhai Human Resources & Social Security Bureau implemented five major initiatives in the areas of employment, social security, talents and public services to take forward the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. The "Implementation Measures for Enterprises providing housing (rental and living) subsidies for newly introduced mid-level to senior professional and technical talents, highly-skilled talents and youth talents in Zhuhai" was published in the same month. Hong Kong and Macao youth talents with undergraduate degrees or above and fulfil the stated requirements, who work and make social security contributions or have made individual income tax payments in Zhuhai, may apply for housing subsidy. The Measures are valid for five years.
  • There are a number of preferential policies for Hong Kong people and enterprises in Hengqin, including rebate on the amount of income tax paid in excess of 15% for Hong Kong residents, and imposition of enterprise income tax at a discounted rate of 15% for eligible Hong Kong enterprises. Many Hong Kong enterprises have set up business in Hengqin. As at July 2021, there were 2 007 Hong Kong-invested enterprises registered in Hengqin, mainly belonging to cultural and creative industries and tourism in which Hong Kong enjoys advantages.
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